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Meeting and Conference Services is one of the many community-building programs at the Pride Center. If you’re planning a party, a political event, a wedding, or a play reading, please consider the Center for community meeting space! Renting space at the Pride Center is a great organizing tool, and the Center is a fun place to meet. The further in advance you make your request, the more likely the room and equipment you desire will be available.

Download: Meeting & Conference Space Request Form
to Apply Via Fax ( 954-764-6522 )

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Pride Center Rental Space Maps:

Pride Center Map First Floor

Pride Center Second Floor

Community Culture Statement

Safety: The Pride Center will strive to offer our visitors physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, and educational safety.

Acceptance: The Pride Center’s campus is a diverse body that boasts a multiplicity of clubs, organizations and communities all representing various interests.  We promote nonjudgmental treatment of all.

Fair treatment: The Pride Center promotes an atmosphere where:

  • We treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • We respect the law and act accordingly.
  • We are fair, transparent and honest in our dealings.
  • We strive to achieve beneficial outcomes for our people and the communities in which we operate.
    • We are accountable for our actions and their consequences.

Unfair treatment includes:

  • Bullying – Persistent and ongoing ill treatment of a person that victimizes, humiliates, undermines or threatens that person.
  • Discrimination – When a person is treated less favorably than others on the grounds of age, disability or medical condition, race, sex, sexuality or gender identity, marital status, religion, political opinion, criminal record (when irrelevant), trade union activity, pregnancy or family responsibilities.
  • Harassment – Unwelcome, offensive, humiliating or intimidating behavior or comments aimed at a person or group that makes the person or group feel belittled, intimidated, insulted and/or offended.
  • Sexual Harassment – Unwelcome sexual behavior where a person feels offended, intimidated or humiliated, and it is reasonable in the circumstances to feel that way.
  • Victimization – Single someone out for unjust treatment.  Treating someone unfairly because they are different.
  • Vilification – Occurs when a person speaks or writes in an insulting, abusive or defamatory way about or to a person or group.

Equality: Each person at the Pride Center is an equal community partner.

Sexual Respect: The Pride Center promotes an atmosphere where people will not intentionally do something that will make another person feel sexually threatened by unwanted and non-consensual sexual advances.

Pride: The Pride Center values the principles of self-respect and personal worth.

Agree to … deal with people with an attitude of respect and honor.

Cooperation: Visitors and Pride Center staff and volunteers will work in a collaborative manner to ensure success and healthy functioning on a personal and group level.

Ethics: Pride Center’s culture is one where we expect the community to conduct themselves with a high level of morals.  All will strive to recognize right from wrong and act accordingly.


The Center’ Community Culture Statementis posted in the lobby and throughout the building. All visitors to The Pride Center are expected to abide by these rules, and will be asked to leave the building if they do not. If anyone witnesses something that seems inappropriate in any way, report it immediately. Clients are responsible for maintaining order and control of members and guests before, during and after their events. If a guest becomes disruptive to an event or potentially disruptive to other people or events in the building and the Client is unable to get the person(s) to leave the event, the Client must con­tact staff/security immediately; staff /security will address the situation, determine its severity, and call the police if necessary. Staff/security is responsible for monitoring the security of the building. Their instructions are to be followed at all times. If at any time a situation arises where the building must be evacuated, for a drill or in an emergency, Clients’ representatives are responsible for assisting I&R to ensure that all persons attending events leave the building immediately.

Note: It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the event is over and the room is as clean as it was when they arrived, by the end of the time booked. This is why it is important to book break down time.Clients are responsible for the following: 1) Place all trash and recyclables in designated receptacles. Note that separate blue receptacles are labeled for paper, and for aluminum, plastic and glass. Do not overload receptacles. If extra trash or recycling receptacles or bags are needed, inform staff/security. 2) Remove all literature, decorations, signs, etc. and discard unwanted items in the appropriate receptacles at the end of the event. 3) Dispose of all liquids in bathroom sinks.  4) Fold tables and chairs unless instructed by Pride Center staff not to do so. They should be stacked against one wall. 5) The Pride Center cannot be held responsible for personal be­longings. Do not leave belongings unattended at any time and remove all of them at the end of the event. Give any unclaimed personal belongings to Staff/Security  for lost-and-found. Found items are kept for eight days and then discarded. 6) Alert Staff/Security when rented equipment is ready to be returned. 7) Do not tamper with the building safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, light fix­tures, and fuse boxes. Report any problems with such equipment to staff/security immediately. 8) If your room needs a temperature adjustment, alert staff/security and they will make an adjustment if possible. Do not tamper with thermostats, and do not open windows.

Good Neighbor Policy/Sidewalk Ushers
It is very important that The Pride Center maintain amicable relations with our immediate neighbors, most particularly regarding their concerns with the traffic and noise generated by The Pride Center. We expect that Clients will not conduct any activity that disturbs other occupants of the building or our neighbors. Staff/security will alert Clients if staff/security has concerns about noise, or if another Client or a neighbor complains. To minimize disruptions to other people in the Center and to people living nearby: 1) If the Pride Center determines that they are needed, two or more sidewalk ushers must be designated by Clients to monitor outside the building and make sure members/guests leave the premises quietly after events and do not congregate on the sidewalk in front of the building. Ushers must report at the beginning of the events to, and are under the supervision of, staff/security. Whether or not designated sidewalk ushers are required, the leaders of every meeting and event are responsible for ensuring that their members and guests abide by the Good Neighbor Policy. 2) Keep noise down and don’t “hang out” in front of the building or on parked cars. 3) The front doors of the building, must stay closed when there are large gatherings or loud music. 4) Music should be loud enough for guests to enjoy without disrupting groups meeting in the build­ing or the Pride Center’s neighbors. Loud music travels easily and can be extremely dis­ruptive. The Center reserves the right to determine when music is considered to be “too loud.” Instructions by staff/security to lower music volume must be followed. Staff/security are authorized to end events if sound control instructions are not followed.

No decorations may be attached to sprinkler pipes or light fixtures. Only masking tape or gaffers tape may be used to affix decorations. At the end of the event, any balloons must be popped by the client within the room rented for the event, and disposed of in the garbage. Confetti may not be used. If candles are to be used, they must be in glass containers and the Pride Center must be informed in advance.

No Smoking
Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Pride Center.  Smoking is only permitted outside, in designated areas.

Food and Beverages
Clients are permitted to bring in food and beverages for events.  The Pride Center does not provide catering services. Clients are responsible for providing everything necessary for serving food and beverages. Clients are responsible for disposing of all unconsumed food and beverages at the end of their events, as well as removing any coffee urns or catering supplies.

Alcoholic Beverages
Clients must notify the Pride Center at least five business days prior to any event where alcohol is planned to be served.  Alcohol may not be served at any event where the majority of those at­tending the event are under the age of 21. Clients must never provide alcohol to minors.  Alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the space where the event is being held.  It is Client’s responsibility to see that alcoholic beverages are not carried out of the room booked for Client’s event.

Clients must inform the Pride Center in advance of the names of all persons or vendors making deliveries for events. Clients must make their own arrangements for paying for COD deliveries.  The Center will not take responsibility for COD deliveries. Deliveries for which prior arrangements have not been made may not be accepted at the Center’s sole discretion, and the Pride Center will not be liable in any way for the fact or subsequent consequences of a delivery not being accepted. The Pride Center is not liable for early deliveries that are accepted and put in the meeting room assigned to the client before the client arrives: it is preferred that the client arrange for deliveries to arrive after they themselves have arrived.

Changes in Room Assignments
It is part of the Pride Center’s mission to provide a safe space to as many community groups and organizations as possible. To make best use of the Center’s space, it is necessary on occasion to re-assign spaces.  The Pride Center reserves the right to make such re-assignments.  If possible, notice of re-assignments will be given in advance, but advance notice may not be possible. It is every Client’s responsibility to check the daily schedule in the lobby to confirm room assignments.  It is best not to include room numbers when advertising events.

Access to Premises
Clients will have access to the space(s) designated for their events at the times established in the Space Use Agreements.  If Clients require time before or after the event for preparations and clean-up, the prep/clean time must be booked in advance and will be included in calculating space-use fees. If, for its own convenience, the Center allows additional prep/clean time, Clients will not be charged for such time. Regardless of any extra prep/clean time the Pride Center sets, Clients’ access will be as established in their Space Use Agreements.

Fees for Use of Space and Equipment
The Center charges fees for use of space and equipment. Fees for space include time for preparations and clean-up (prep/clean time). The Center reserves the right to adjust fees at any time with at least 30 day’s notice. Notice will be deemed sufficient if a written notice is prominently displayed in public spaces of the Pride Center. Fees are subject to change upon renewal of any Space Use Agreement. The Center may require deposits as it deems necessary, including but not limited to non-refundable deposits on space fees to guarantee bookings and deposits to offset extraordinary Center expenses resulting from special events, including but not limited to additional staff time for access or cleaning. All deposits will be detailed in the Space Use Agreement. No additional deposits beyond those documented in the Agreement will be added after the Agreement has been executed by the Client and the Client has paid the deposit(s) recorded in the Agreement. Any clients obligation for payment of fees extends beyond the term of its Space Use Agreement until such time as all fees owed are paid.

Fee Payments
Full payment is due on or before the day of meetings and events.For special events, the payment schedule is established in the Space Use Agreement. Clients with on-going events must pick up the invoice for each event on the day of the event from the Pride Center of­fice. Pay­ments are not to be given to anyone except a staff person in the Center Of­fice. The staff person will acknowledge payment with a signed receipt. Payments can be made in cash, by check or money order payable to ‘The Pride Center”, or by credit card.  Clients may mail payment accompanied by the invoice to the Pride Center, Attn: Janet Vargas, 1717N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.  For their safety,  staff/security are not permitted to accept payments in the lobby. In the event an invoice is misplaced, payment may be submitted with a note giving the Client’s name and the date and time of the event.

Cancellation Policy
For non-payment of fees: Payment of space and equipment fees is due on or before the dates of events. If any payment exceeds 30 days past due, all future bookings by the subject Client will be suspended until all outstanding payments are received. For events cancelled by the Client: the full deposit will be refunded if the cancellation is made over a week in advance. If a week or less, half of the deposit will be returned.

Personnel Changes
If during the term of a Space Use Agreement a Client experiences significant personnel changes, especially in the prime contacts that are provided to the Center in the Space Use Agreement, the Client is responsible for notifying the Pride Center of such changes immediately.

Miscellaneous Provisions
Clients will not do or permit to be done anything that will injure or deface the Pride Center in any manner. This includes but is not limited to putting up nails, tacks, or screws with­out receiving permission from the Center staff. Placement of all decorations shall be with the approval and supervision of Pride Center staff. Clients agree that no portion of the sidewalks, entries, vestibules, halls, or ways of access to public utilities shall be obstructed by the Clients or used for any purpose other than for entering and exiting a room or the building. Pride Center staff have the right to enter any event at any time.

Groups which fail to comply with the Pride Center Space Use Agreement or the instructions of the Center staff/security will be penalized, either by putting down an extra deposit for their next event or they will not be allowed to book additional space and will forfeit future uses of space which have already been booked.

The Pride Center will not allow space to be used by any group which will undertake illegal activities within the Center. Clients agree to abide by, conform to, and comply with all of the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the United States and the City of Wilton Manors and the State of Florida. When an event effects the Pride Center’s regular hours of operations or requires additional staffing from the Center, the Client will be charged an appropriate fee, to be determined in advance of the event.

The Center cannot be responsible for equipment or property that is left or stored on its premises. Clients may not leave anything in the Pride Center unless prior ar­rangements have been made with the Center staff , and even if arrangements have been made, the Center assumes no responsibility of any kind for the subject items. The Pride Center reserves the right to dispose of any property left on the premises after an event is concluded.

Clients may use space only for the purposes indi­cated in the Space Use Agreement. Any change must be approved in advance by Pride Center staff. Clients entering into Space Use Agreements with the Center’s indemnify and hold harmless the Pride Center  from any and all claims for damages or injuries to persons or property arising during the period covered in the Client’s Space Use Agreement. Clients agree that the Pride Center shall not be liable for fail­ure to provide physical properties and services in the event that such failure is caused by acts or regulations of public authorities, labor difficulties, strike, epidemic, inter­ruption or delay of transportation services, delays in con­struction schedules or any other cause beyond the control of the Center. The Pride Center retains the right to terminate any Space Use Agreement without prior notice if the Client in any way fails to ad­here to the rules outlined in this document. Furthermore, the Center reserves the right to cancel any future meetings or events sponsored by the same Client. Use of the Pride Center’s name as a meeting site in publicity materials does not imply endorsement by the Center. Clients may not use the Pride Center’s logo in any promotional materials without permission from and review of the material by, the Center.  The Pride Center will be held harmless for any and all dam­ages and penalties arising from the improper use of copy­righted materials by any Client using space at the Center.

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