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Feedback from Recent Participants


 “I tested HIV-positive only a few days before I began the L.I.F.E. program.  It helped me sort through all my worries, questions and fears.  It provided me with friends who had dealt with HIV for years…  And most importantly, the program helped me take responsibility for my behavior.  This virus stops with me; I will make sure I never pass it to anyone else.”

“Even though I’ve been poz for so long, I learned something new every week.  I’ve decided this program isn’t really about HIV.  It’s about living a healthy, responsible, full life.  It’s about thriving instead of waiting to die.”

 “This program was worth $50,000 of therapy.”

“CHOICES is the best HIV+ program I’ve ever attended.  Disclosure can be really hard.  Rejection is no fun.  But this group better prepared me to handle both.”

“I just got back the best lab reports of my life.  I’m actually healthier now than I was before I tested positive.  I told my doctor it was because of my participation in the L.I.F.E. program.”

“I was recently diagnosed when I started CHOICES.  More than anything, it helped me feel less like ‘damaged goods’ after discovering my status.  These guys really helped me gain tools to practice disclosure and practice safer sex…I was very impressed.”

“Without the LIFE program, I don’t know where I’d be.  Probably drugging, dying or dead.”

“I learned in CHOICES that one of the benefits of safer-sex negotiation can be a better sex life.  Once both people discuss boundaries and options, they can be more relaxed and better able to enjoy the moment without fear and guilt.”

“The facilitators always made me feel perfectly comfortable speaking any truth.  I’ve never been this honest with a group of gay men about myself.  I especially appreciated that the facilitators held me accountable. I can’t believe how accessible they are.”

“As a recovering meth addict (3+ years) I felt so totally isolated, frightened and alone.  As a result of the L.I.F.E. Program, I’ve made more progress in these few weeks than in the three years before.  These men have given me hope, where I had lost hope.”

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  It came along at the perfect time.  There were many issues I consistently had avoided dealing with.  This program and the support of the guys in it have forced me to really dig deep and address important issues in my life.”

“I look forward to CHOICES every week.  I really want to spend time with the guys in my group and learn from them.  I enjoy the intimacy, support and the comfort in sharing.  This has improved my social life a lot!”

 “This group kept me out of the bath house.”

“I now am taking responsibility for who I have sex with and what I tell them before we have sex.  I’ve made mistakes in the past.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  The guys in this group have helped me take responsibility to be honest and up-front with myself and others.”

“This is the best program for HIV+ people!  I found unconditional love, support and friendship.”

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